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Water Extraction & Drying in Prescott, AZ

Tri-City Water Damage Restoration Experts 

When a home suffers water damage, completely removing the standing water and drying everything thoroughly is an essential part of successful water damage restoration. At AeroDry, we are equipped with the best technology for water extraction and drying in Prescott, AZ and the Tri-City area.  

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Commercial Grade Water Extraction Equipment 

Water is extremely damaging to building materials, flooring, furnishings, and most valuable and possessions in your home. When a structure has suffered water damage, many homeowners attempt to clean up the mess on their own. This is great for small leaks and spills, but more extensive damage requires a professional approach to ensure that moisture is completely removed from your home. 

Failing to fully extract the water can result in: 

  • Additional damage to the contents of your home 
  • Mold growth 
  • Structural damage 
  • Possible electrical hazards if the water reaches electronics or outlets

Our technicians utilize the best quality equipment for water extraction and drying in Prescott, AZ, including commercial grade extraction units. We have both portable and truck mounted units to provide the right solution for removing water from all areas of the property. 

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A Meticulous Drying Process 

Removing as much water as possible is only half the job. After the standing water is removed, everything is still wet and the water may have soaked into the drywall, flooring, carpets, and other materials. Getting it all dried out is important for preventing additional structural damage and mold growth. Once the standing water has been removed, the drying process will begin. 

We use high quality drying equipment and commercial fans to remove the excess moisture completely and efficiently. Dehumidifiers may be used to remove excess moisture from the air. The specific equipment and methods will depend on the location, the extent of the problem, and the materials that need to be dried. 

Start Water Extraction & Drying Right Away 

If your home has suffered water damage, extracting the water and drying the area should start right away. Allowing the water to dry on its own can lead to much bigger problems and more extensive damage. At AeroDry, our technicians offer same day service and 24-hour availability for water extraction and drying in Prescott, AZ. We will arrive at your location within hours of your call and get right to work assessing the damage and removing the water. 

The water extraction and drying process is often covered by insurance, as long as the damage was caused by a covered event. We have experience dealing with insurance companies and knowledge of the claims process. We work for you and your best interests are always our primary concern, but we can handle the insurance claim for you to make the process easier and less stressful. 

Please contact us at (480) 690-2775 for immediate assistance with water extraction and drying.